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KP Copper
Custom Art Creations

hammered copper buffalo post wrap with green patina
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KP Copper - Copper Doors, Copper Fireplaces,
Copper Wall Art, Copper Patinas

At KP Copper, we can do whatever is needed to make your home or business beautiful through the use of metal art, primarily gorgeous copper creations.

We have the technology to fulfill your decorative needs. Whether your needs involve entry doors, fireplaces, wall art, or patinas, we can help. We will work with you to design a system that takes your needs and wishes into consideration and meshes with the perfect technology available for just the right match. Your imagination and our capabilities shall work together.

Make sure you click on the pictures that you like; there is a high resolution version of each. Your browser should allow you to see all of the detail.

Note: I have just moved my home and studio to be closer to the mountains of Colorado. I am now in Canon City, along the Arkansas River. (9-27-12)

Scene of hammered copper mountains with patina


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